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 Since I'm unable (don't kill me) to deliver a fic myself, I thought to myself- why not give a rec?
(that's a lousy excuse not to give you something of my own, I know *le sigh*)   

Anyway, it's something I've been obsessing over for the last couple weeks- I even considered not going to the New Year's Eve party I've told you about because the fic was supposed to be updated on the 31st Dec. Talk about unhealthy addictions ;P  

The story takes place in Supernatural fandom. While I know that I'm going a wrong way about it (omitting two steps of the way) and instead of starting with reviews of the show itself (that's going to be a monster, for sure) and writing stories myself, I'm starting with a rec, this fic is an AU and an exceptionally well written one, with its own history and everything explained. So, actually, you don't have to know much about the show to follow it (though it is encouraged to be a die-hard fan of it ;P ). I myself started my adventure in this fandom by reading a fic by jedisapphire , without having watched any episode beforehand. Then I got hooked ;)

So, the rec. As I've said, it's an AU, and it's basic storyline goes like this: Mary Campbell-Winchester, in order to reconcile with her estranged father, Samuel Campbell, after their fight over her marriage with John Winchester, goes on a supernatural hunt with him in Washington, D.C.
Having been born in a family of hunters, Mary's greatest wish had been to escape that way of life: for herself and her children. John was a civilian in that manner; though a former Marine, he had never heard anything about vampires, shapeshifters, zombies, ghosts, etc. And Mary didn't tell him.  
During a public celebration in the White House, in front of the cameras, everyone was attacked by a werewolf. Many people died and the very real threat of the supernatural was exposed to the whole nation, The President was saved by Samuel and Mary, but Mary died during the heroic deed- leaving a grieving husband and a four-year-old son, Dean. John and Dean go on a revenging crusade and both become feared, competent hunters.
The nation went into frenzy and which-hunt, even the slightest suspicion of being a supernatural being got you hunted down and killed. Hunters became saviours.
In order to stave the threat of anything non-normal, a creation of the concentration camp- called a Freak camp- where the supernatural beings could be "stored" is issued.
Sam is five years old when he is transported into the Freak camp.

Why is it worth reading? The story has a feeling of being "real". The psychological level is astounding; I was in a former concentration camp in Stutthof, and the experience was staggering. And I think that the authors-  lavinialavender andbrosedshield - have it right. It seems impossible, but the way they're describing it feels very, very real. Terrible, of course, but that's life, right? While I was reading "A Monster by Any Other Name" I felt like crying; I was heartbroken. It was pure catharsis. And I love this fic for it, for what it's doing to me.

The POVs are especially beautiful; seeing the camp through the eyes of the two children, one that doesn't quite understand and lives in the "real, outside" world, and one that doesn't know anything different, that has ingrained in him that he's a monster, a freak, that he doesn't get to want things, etc. It's absolutely stunning, makes it both easier and harder to read. The characters- both original and canon- seem to have a life, to lead it in front of our eyes and we're just eavesdropping on them. It's wonderful, and it's human. The whole mechanism behind Holocaust was simply human, and we get to see that here, too.
The longer you read, the more you look at the monsters inside as the victims, then you're reminded they're actually dangerous... and then you forget about it again. The universal question it poses: who is the monster? is left unanswered (so far, at least); we have to figure it out for ourself. It's a wonderful kaleidoscope, one in which you quickly become lost. And the most beautiful feeling? The characters are there with you, seemingly lost as well.  

Story title: A Monster by Any Other Name
Fandom: Supernatural
Authors: lavinialavender andbrosedshield 
Rating: overall NC-17
Warnings: please read them before reading the story: here
Link: Masterlist
Remember about the prologue! One of my friends once didn't notice one was listed in front of chapter one in some old story, and it spelled much confusion :)
So! Enjoy! It's updated every Friday, a WIP- but hopefully it will get finished without too many bumps :)

And don't take it out on me later if you get drawn into SPN fandom- and get drowned in it! Hehe


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Jan. 16th, 2011 09:17 pm (UTC)
Your rec is absolutely beautiful, it gave me little shivers of awesome, and we shall strive to continue writing at the level of depth and accuracy you have said we have! Oh happiness.
Jan. 18th, 2011 12:24 pm (UTC)
No problem :) I'm glad you liked it. And if it makes you happy- and motivated to write- than it's a double gain :)

Jan. 16th, 2011 09:17 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!! This is a FANTASTIC rec, oh man what detail. ♥ My favorite paragraph is your description of how real it is, especially the psychology - we worked so hard on that. Particularly this:

seeing the camp through the eyes of the two children, one that doesn't quite understand and lives in the "real, outside" world, and one that doesn't know anything different, that has ingrained in him that he's a monster, a freak, that he doesn't get to want things, etc.

Yes. Thank you.
Jan. 18th, 2011 12:26 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed! You know I love your story, so. Well. The rec is very much deserved.
Cheers :)
Jan. 17th, 2011 07:42 pm (UTC)
So long as you promise not to blame *me* for dragging you into the fandom. ;-)

I haven't time to read the rec now - mainly because I think I'd better got some writing of my own done *blushes* - but it's going on my as-soon-as-I-can list.
Jan. 18th, 2011 12:32 pm (UTC)
Hm. Ah well. Not sure if it's not too late for that, as I've told the story of how I got involved in SPN fandom to several friends.
But, on the other hand, if it wasn't for you, I'd have never known how much I needed the boys in my life ;P

So you're a good fanfic writer! And- as opposed to a bad fanfic writer (like, for example, me) you know you need to write instead of wasting your time ;P Good for you- and good for your readers ;)

One word of worning- the story, for now at least, isn't overly graphic, but it is a concentration camp; so there is much horror involved- mostly implied, and isn't it even worse, having to imagine what's happened?
Though, as the writers mentioned, it's still happier than the canon, so I hope you like it when you have time to read.
PS. I've started reading your SPN stories posted over on Fanfiction.Net, but I'll post reviews when I reach the last chapters written, ok?
For now all you got to know is that I like them :)

Jan. 18th, 2011 01:46 pm (UTC)
Knowing and doing, hun. Two *entirely* different things.

Well, I suppose I can live with having dragged you into the fandom. There are worse things to get addicted to than those boys. ;-)

Oooh, I'm glad you like them! It's just irresistible to write them. *g* And I'm hoping to drag you into believing that, too. ;-)

Jan. 19th, 2011 01:32 pm (UTC)
There are worse things to get addicted to than those boys. ;-)

I feel as if I was on crack :->

And I'm hoping to drag you into believing that, too. ;-)

Oh believe me, I believe that. Very much so. I only lack skills, not faith...

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